"Машина Времени" в Лондоне - 2 билета

[size=small]Two tickets for sale for a legendary Russian band " Mashina Vremeni", 20 December 2015, 8 pm, London Palladium. [/size]
[size=small]Also, can sell only one ticket. [/size]

[size=small]Best seats: Stalls - Raw D 18 & 17 (in the middle). [/size]

[size=small]Really wanted to go myself but have to be away for a few days and can't make it in time for the concert. [/size]

[size=small]Bought tickets from The Ticket Factory for £90.80 x 2 = 181.60. Selling two tickets for £150 or one ticket for £75. [/size]

[size=small]Call or text on 07900783807[/size]
[size=small]Thank you.[/size]
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